Your child is the most important to you. You would like to give your child more than what a national public institution can offer.


  • The smaller number of children allows personal care and customised education with the assistance of qualified educators.
  • Diseases are less likely to happen here than in communities having a larger number of children.
  • In a private creche, service is adapted to the parent’s needs: it enables more flexible work schedules, and respects parents’ working hours.
  • Extra long opening hours.

Why is it important where you enrol your child?

When parents are looking for a creche, it is very hard for them to decide which one to choose because this decision will determine the future of their children. The environment in which children spend most of the day has a significant effect on their entire life in the future.

The separation of the children from the parents is a smooth process here. Our educators take a good care of and pay a lot of attention to every child they look after.

We bought furniture and furnishings adjusted to the children’s size in the creche where the spend most of their day. This encourages them to serve themselves, and this kind of independence will have a positive impact on their whole life in the future.

We think that our important duty is to help in the foundation and development of the skills of creche-aged children which will enable them to live together and adapt to the community.


We propose the following:

For those children who are separated from their parents and get into a community for the first time, gradual acclimatisation is of particular significance. In the first few days, a parent should also stay here with the child. They should spend 4 or 5 hours in the creche and have a lunch there together. The child should sleep there first only at the end of the first week.

For children who have already attended another institution earlier, we organise acclimatisation by adapting to their individual attributes and needs.

What we ask you to bring:

  • Change of clothing, change of shoes
  • Toothbrush, toothbrush mug
  • Nappies for children who are not potty-trained

We provide children with hygiene packages and bedlinen that is always washed after use. Furthermore, we provide materials and tools required for the sessions. 

In the MINI group of 1-3 year olds, three caregiving educators of young children and one paediatric nurse perform the daily tasks of caring and the sessions integrated into play. They take into account the requirements of individual treatment and differentiated development.

The group of trained and experienced professionals has been ensuring every child the necessary care, good atmosphere and joy for 10 years. Our colleagues have high-quality expertise.

Our private creche welcomes children of all nationalities between 10 month and 3 years old with open arms.

TIMETABLE of Sasasdi Creche:

7:30    Arrival of children whom we welcome and take over from the parents.
8:30-11:00    Free play in the garden (in summer)
10:00 -11:00    Free play in the garden (in winter)
8:00-10:00    Time of sessions: singing Hungarian and English songs with guitar accompaniment, painting, playing with salt dough, colouring, puppet show, physical education.
10:00    At this time every day, we eat fruit.
11:00 - 11:30    Hand washing, tooth brushing, toilet for older kids.
11:30 - 12:00    Lunch will be served in the kitchen in a familiar atmosphere.
12:00 - 12:30    Changing the children’s nappies before the afternoon nap.
12:30-13:00    Children go to sleep after a little quiet time and storytelling.
15:00 -16:00    After gentle wakening, we serve the afternoon snacks. It will be followed by free play in the garden waiting for the parents to arrive.
18:00    The creche closes its gates.


The high vitamin, protein and mineral requirements of children demand a varied diet. We provide four meals a day. We prepare breakfast, mid-morning snack and afternoon snack ourselves. The lunch is ordered from kid’s kitchen. We pay a great deal of attention to healthy diet. Children can eat vegetables, fruit and wholemeal bakery products every day.

Booking option

On payment of the registration fee, we undertake to provide a place for the child until the date jointly agreed in writing with the parent.


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