Sasasdi creche and sport mini-kindergarten offers help to families who—by adapting to the reality of today—are looking for a place where children can have an opportunity to acquire English as world language and develop a good attitude towards the language in an English-speaking environment, in a loving and accepting milieu.  

Many parents has realised that the time of their children still available and convenient for learning a language early mustn’t be wasted.
Therefore, they promote learning a foreign language from a very young age. Our creche has successfully met this right expectation of the parents for 10 years.

In addition to the usual creche-like care, we put a great emphasis on English language.

Besides English, we also consider the development of the use of Hungarian as our self-evident task.

English is basically taught by two methods:

On the one hand, children spend their time in an English-speaking environment. They play and participate in the sessions in English. During the daily activities such as handwashing, eating, dressing they also communicate in English. Only highly trained, professionally qualified English teachers and educators who are excellent English speakers can look after the children. The language is acquired, and the good attitude towards the language is developed effortlessly and naturally. 

On the other hand, small children attend thematic English learning sessions. During these sessions, we use tried and tested language teaching methods which are also connected to the material of the Hungarian thematic sessions.

We can achieve good results by combining the two language learning methods.